The Happy and minimalist part

This is my first post on my first blog and I gotta say Im a bit nervous. How do I start?, What do I write?, Will anyone want to read this?. So, I guess I’ll just start by telling you a bit about me and this blog. Im a 22 year old nanny and part time college student. I nanny for two beautiful new born twin boys full time, and attend online classes as well as try to maintain a social life, needless to say I’m a busy bee! I am proud and ecstatic to say that I am at a point in my life where I am happy and more then that Im content. It hasn’t  always been like that, But over the years I have developed a routine and way of life that allows me to maintain a loving and healthy lifestyle. That’s what I wanna share on this blog! Its gonna be a bit of everything, from my love for cooking, to my minimalist fashion sense, you’ll get all the best here. I love cooking homemade meals, I have a kick-ass workout routine and hit the gym four to five times a week. I love gardening and baking awesome breads and other carbohydrates, I’ll teach you how to clean out your wardrobe, sell the clothes you don’t want and wear what you have! Hope you guys stick around this is gonna be good!

6 thoughts on “The Happy and minimalist part

  1. Welcome to he blogosphere! Looks like you are off to a good start 😁
    Just a tip- try spacing and paragraphs- Your posts are very text-heavy so if you break it up with pics or spaces it makes it easier to follow and read, especially on a mobile device 🙂


  2. Hi! I have to say being a nanny to two twin boys sounds exciting to me because as far back I can remember I have always been curious about twins! They look the same, but soon develop their own personalities and it is so interesting to watch two look-alike being who share the same DNA, but who are actually two separate characters. I am also into fashion, so am looking forward to your future posts. x

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