Re-sell your old clothes for money!

It’s time for some spring cleaning, going through your closet and getting rid of old clothes can seem like a huge burden, but selling them for money can give you the incentive you need to get the job done! First thing to do is go through your wardrobe and decide what you wear and what you don’t wear. We all have a tendency to hold on to things we don’t wear in hopes we’ll wear it someday. If you find yourself stuck on a piece of clothing wanting to keep it but knowing you probably won’t wear it, go with your gut and put it in the “get rid of” pile. Otherwise ask yourself, do I have anything that matches this? will I wear this at least twice in the next month? can i make money off this item to buy something I’ll actually wear? Once your wardrobe is separate into two piles “Keep” and “get rid of”. Hang your clothes from the keep pile back up in the closet and give yourself a pat on the back, that wasn’t an easy task! Next split your “Get rid of pile” into two piles, one is things you can sell, the other is things to throw away. Clothes that should be thrown away are items with holes, anything well worn, items with stains or markings on them, if you would’t want to wear it chances are neither will someone else. Once you have those two piles, put the “get rid of” items in a garbage bag and tosses them out. Any items that are in good condition, but you know you’ll never wear, these could be pieces like old prom dresses or cocktail dresses, jeans, cardigans, sweaters, hoodies, shoes, purses etc. Lay them out and lets get started. I like to upload items using apps on my cell phone this makes keeping everything organized very easy, plus when items get sold Im alerted instantly. I have two apps that I swear by! Vinted and Merci, these two apps allow you to upload photos directly from your phone, list a price and submit, all in a short few minutes. To get started you’ll need to pick a space in your house that gets lots of light, preferably at blank wall that allows the camera to pick up the detail on the clothing item. Hang your item on a hanger and place it on the wall (or the space of your choice). Snap three photos of your item on your phone, one picture should feature the entire front of the garment. The second item should feature the tag(with the name of the brand and the size). The third picture should feature the entire back of the garment. Upload them to the app, fill out the quick 5 min questionnaire about the garment and hit submit! When your item gets sold, place the item in a envelope and ship it to the address the app provides for you, and watch the money coming in!

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