Cheap Beauty Products That Actually Work!


The Fit Me concealers by Maybelline are an amazing dupe for the Nars Concealers! Fit Me has a large range of colors, from fair skin to dark complexion, and if theres one thing you know I love it’s that everyone can wear the beauty products I recommend! This concealer is creamy and easy to blend. Perfect for sensitive skin, it won’t break you out or irritate your skin. The only thing is, it can create lots of creases so make sure you wear a powder with it.

Walmart: $5.94         Target: $5.89       ULTA Beauty: $6.99        Rite Aid: $4.89



WET & WILD Highlighters are an awesome dupe for the URBAN DECAY highlighters. Wet & Wild is one of those brands (like ELF) that are so inexpensive so your not quite sure if they will really work, but they do! I have sensitive skin and this product didn’t bother me one bit. A little bit goes a long way so make sure not to pack a ton on the brush at once. The downside to this product is the packaging is cheap and will break very easy, so it might be worth your time to depot them and put them into a palette.

Walmart: $4.68        Target: $3.69         ULTA Beauty: $4.99




NYX products are amazing and so inexpensive. Their eyebrow products are a great dupe for the Anastasia Products, which are a lot pricer. Eyebrow products are a staple in any makeup routine, even if your doing a non makeup look, you always have to have your brows on! The NYX products come in a bunch of different shades from blonde to black, fitting everyones needs!

Walmart: $6.97           Target: $6.99         ULTA Beauty: $6.99


Another awesome NYX Product! NYX Blushes are cheap and very pigmented. They have over 50 different blush shades for every skin tone, as well as every makeup look. They’re soft and creamy without being drying. They can be very pigmented so be careful with how much product you pick up with your brush. NYX Blushes are a great dupe for the MAC blushes which can run you 20 to 30 dollars each.

Walmart: $6.47         Target:$6.99     ULTA Beauty: $6.99



Loreal Lash Paradise is the best dupe for the Better then Sex Mascara by Too Faced. The Lash Paradise leaves your lashes voluminous without being clumpy. Its jet black, but won’t run. It’s a perfect product for summer, it won’t budge in the heat once you put it on! LOREAL products are inexpensive but very good quality. One of the most famous drugstore brands they have products that range from foundation, to lip products as well as a wide range of eyeshadows.

Walmart:$8.97                    Target:$6.69                       ULTA Beauty:$9.99



These are one of, if not my favorite beauty product of the summer! With so many colors to choose from they go with any makeup look and any outfit. Although they can be a bit sticky, their matte look, creates a beautiful addition to your makeup. They’re velvety without being clumpy, and they glide on perfectly.

Walmart: $6.49           Target:$6.99         ULTA Beauty: $9.49






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  1. I love the foundation but I’ve never tried the concealer! Will 100% have to try. Great post. I’m recently back to blogging after a break so it’d mean a lot if you went to check my recent post and left a like and comment if you enjoy! Xx


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