Hey there my lovelies! Today we’re doing a giveaway! I have only been blogging for a short time and cannot thank you enough for helping me create a successful blog! I have recently reached 700 followers and wanted to give back!

What you have to do to win:

  1. Make sure you’re following my blog
  2. Follow my Instagram (marissa_ramirez1513)
  3. Leave a comment down below, explaining what your favorite thing about spring is?!

What you’ll be winning:

  • Wet N Wild: Loose Highlighter Powder (You Glow,Girl)
  • Covergirl: Vitalist Healthy Glow (Candlelit)
  • Milani: Baked Bronzer (04 Glow)
  • Milani: Eyeshadow Palette (Soft & Sultry)
  • Starlit Studio: Holographic Lightyear Stick (Jupiter)
  • Covergirl: Chocoholic Contour Palette (140)
  • Covergirl: Peach Punch Palette (100)
  • Wet N Wild: Hello Halo (305A Rosy and Ready)
  • Almay: Lip Vibes (Skip The Gym)
  • Three Face Masks

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12 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY!!! CLOSED

  1. BTW love your blog.
    My favorite part about SPRING is the feeling of new life and old life awakening. Spring brings the idea of new beginnings. We become grounded. It’s the time to plant seeds that will grow not just our food but our life.

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  2. I live in Boise, Idaho and mainly it is a desert full of brown, but spring means the foothills will be blooming with wild desert flowers. That is my favorite thing about spring, also we have sweater weather in spring and it’s lovely. Congrats on reaching 700! You inspire me to get to that level. ❤

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  3. I really like slow walks next to river with my boyfriend or friends, it is so peaceful, everything is blooming, sun is shining, it’s absolutely perfect time of year. Congratulations on 700 followers, that’s amazing, I’m glad to be one of them. xx

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  4. Spring is the best time of year! Flowers are in bloom, it’s getting warmer, it’s daylight longer. Going outside and enjoying the beautiful weather is finally nice again.

    Congrats on 700. When did you start you blog? How did you grow? I started mine about 6 months ago. So I’m
    Curious. Thxs

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  5. I love getting to plant my flowers! And be outside more!! Ahhh!! The smells!! And pics taking lots of beautiful spring photos!! 🌸❤️


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