BoxyCharm June Unboxing!

Hey there my lovelies! Today we are doing a BoxyCharm unboxing for the month of June. This month instead of getting the normal BoxyCharm box, I upgraded to get the BoxyLuxe Box. So what’s the difference between the two? Well the original BoxyCharm Box is $21.00 each month, and you receive four to five full size products. They almost always include a full size make-up palette, and each box is well worth the twenty one dollars. The BoxyLuxe Box is an additional $28.99 on top of the $21.00 you are already paying for the box. So it usually ends up being around $50.00 for the total BoxyLuxe Box. In the BoxyLuxe you get products that add up to over $250 dollars. Fifty dollars a month is a good chunk of change, and I was very hesitant at first to spend that on a subscription box,  but I am always happy with the products I receive. The awesome part is if I feel like it’s a product I won’t use I can include it in a giveaway and give it to one of you guys! This months theme is Getaway, here’s what I got!

Dominique Cosmetics Lemonade Lip Gloss 


Price: $17.00

This Lemonade lip gloss is by the brand Dominique Cosmetics and retails for $17.00. This is a gorgeous baby pink gloss, that isn’t sticky or tacky. It leaves your lips feeling hydrated while still giving them that glossy effect. I had never heard of this brand before but upon some further research this brand seems very similar to “Too Faced” or “Nars”. Their prices are well above drugstore prices and are more on the high end side of make-up. Their eye-shadow, face, and cheek palettes, retail for anywhere between $30-$45 dollars. This product not only smells amazing but I can wear it alone, without needing to add a lipstick under it!

Farmacy Honeymoon Glow Night Serum


Price: $58.00

This next product is by the brand Farmacy, which I think is an adorable play on words. It is the Honeymoon Glow AHA Resurfacing Night Serum, this product retails for $58.00, and you get 30 ml in each bottle. The packaging on this is gorgeous, it comes in this frosted glass bottle with a gold metallic cap. I have not used or tried this out yet, I am always a little hesitant to test out face products because my skin is prone to acne. This brand however is all about being holistic and natural, so I am definitely willing to give this product a try . They have partnered with local farms to cultivate some of the main ingredients in their products (hense the name). They are an amazing brand to support, their products are paraben free, cruelty free, fragrance free, mineral free, and more. The Products in their line are very expensive, and can range anywhere between $40 to $100 dollars.

Touch In Sol No Pore-blem Prime Essence


Price: $23.00

This is a pore perfecting primer, by the brand Touch In Sol. This primer is infused with flower extract to help tighten your skin and blur the appearance of your pores. This a Korean Based brand, and Korea is known to create some of the best skin care formulas of all time. I have never felt like I have big or prominent pores and have never used a primer under my make-up…ever! This product is $23.00 and you get 1.01 fl oz in the tube. I will definitely be adding this to the giveaway pile, I don’t see myself ever using this and I think one of you would get much better use out of it.

Dr. Brandt Clean Biotic Yogurt Cleanser


Price: $35.00

This is a pH-balanced yogurt cleaner, that retails for $35.00 and you get 3.5 fl oz in the tube. I have heard of the brand Dr. Brandt before, but have never tried anything from the company. According to the companies website this yogurt cleanser is supposed to melt away grime, make-up and excess oil without leaving your skin feeling dry or stripped. The cool thing about the website is that you can “shop by concern”. Meaning depending on your skin type, and problems, they will recommend products that they think are best for you. There is also a section at the bottom where you can “ask a doctor” about any questions or concern you have and they will immediately respond with a reply and recommendations. These products are not cheap, and can range from $30 to $50 depending on which item you choose. The whole idea behind their brand is to create professional dermatologist products that you can get without going to the doctor.

Anderson Lilley Hand and Body Butter


Price: $24.00

This is a product I am super excited about, I love having different body butters and lotions that I can use after a shower or bath. This is by the brand Anderson Lilley and is the M. Greengrass hand and body butter in the scent “summer is nice”. In this tub you get 5oz and it cost $24.00. 5oz is a decent amount of product and the smell of this is amazing. It’s soft and subtle but the scent lingers so you know you are wearing it. This body and hand butter is free of parbaens, artificial colors and dyes, never tested on animals and has no mineral oil or gluten in it. They create a ton of different products using scents from around the world. Such as the beach, mountains, tropical islands and more. The one thing I love about this company is 10% of all annual sales go to a charity they feel strongly about. The charity they chose this year is the Joyful heart foundation. I  will leave a link to the Joyful Heart Foundation so you can read up on all the good they do in the world! and

Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast


Price: $29.00

Living Proof is a very well known brand, and we have received some small sample size products by this company in Boxycharm boxes before. This is a full size styling and finishing spray, that costs $29.00 and has 7.5 fl oz in one can. I have heard a ton of people rave about Living Proof products, I have just never gotten around to trying any of their products, probably because they are so darn expensive. This product is supposed to create instant volume and texture that is as light as air. You are supposed to use this on dry hair and when you are all finished with your normal hair routine this should be your last step. This product is silicone free and safe for color treated hair.

Tarte Tarteist Pro Glow Cheek Palette

IMG_1531.jpg IMG_1535.jpg

Price: $45.00

Like I said in every BoxyCharm box we usually receive one full size palette. This month we received a face and cheek palette by the brand Tarte. This is retailed for $45.00, which isn’t surprising since Tarte is a high-end make-up brand. Tarte’s products are known to be smooth and pigmented and well worth the money. This palette comes with two bronzer shades, two blushes and two highlighters. The thing I love most about this palette is that a variety of skin tones will find a shade in this palette that will work for them, which is awesome since there are only 6 shades in this palette. The packaging of this palette is gorgeous, it has a black matte exterior, that flips open in the middle to expose the shades in the palette. This may sound funny but this is a heavy palette, it is solid and not flimsy at all. I think most if not all Tarte products are Vegan and Cruelty free which you know I love!

PYT Mini Turbo ON-THE-Go Dryer

IMG_1537.jpg IMG_1538.jpg

Price: $85.00

Last time I received a BoxyLuxe Box I got a mini flat iron by PYT, that I ended up using, and still use a ton. This time we received a mini turbo blow dryer which I know I will get use out of. This is the type of product that I would never go out and buy myself, especially because of the price, however now that I have it I am very excited about it. This is described as a powerful, portable, lightweight and easy to use blow dryer. This would be a perfect item to travel with, since its small and compact and easy to take on the go. PYT is a pretty popular brand, that is quite pricey, but known to have amazing products. This comes in a silk drawstring bag, so you can take it with you, and keep it protected. The color of the blow dryer I received is a gorgeous aqua blue color, that honestly doesn’t really matter but it adds a cute detail. The full size versions of the blow dryer and hair straightener both run for about $250 each.

Mini Turbo Dryer <p> Blue

Trestique Good Vibes Mascara


Price: $25.00

Last but not least be have a black mascara by the brand Testique. You get 0.3 fl oz in this tube and it retails for $25.00. The cool thing about this mascara is, it has a built in lash curler on one end, then you twist off the top and out comes the mascara wand. I have never heard of this brand, but this mascara is cruelty free and vegan. This product is suppose to take your lashes to the next level, giving you all the volume you want without your lashes clumping together. Testique is a high-end cosmetic brand, where most of their products range from $20-$40 dollar depending on what you buy. I just bought a new mascara that I have been loving, so this will be another product that gets added to the giveaway pile!

Overall price of this box: $312

For only spending fifty dollars on this box, I am happy and impressed with all the products I have received. Leave me comments down below on what you think about this months BoxyLuxe!

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